About Modafinil

Modafinil is the international brand name of an active substance, which is actually manufactured by several largest pharmaceutical companies.

Modafinil helps people to speed up the processing and perception of information that comes to the brain from all the senses. Modafinil drug actively stimulates the brain functions, responsible for the supreme function of the human body – which is the process of thinking.

Modafinil was developed for the treatment of narcolepsy (chronic sleepiness). But lately, people whose professional activity involves the processing a lot of information for a minimum period of time, began using this medication as well.

System analysts, programmers, accountants, office-managers, marketing specialists, economists and other professionals, whose activity is connected with high concentration, occasionally take Modafinil pills. In fact, they use these pills not regularly, but only when necessary, for example: the expedite planning and decision making process, or improvement of coordination of the logical operation.

After taking of Modafinil tablets people observe a good development of the associative, imaginative, long-term and short-term memory that allows to achieve the maximal control of the concentration, when doing a particular task.

Modafinil pills help to:

  • speed up operations with large-volume information;
  • increase the rate of mental reactions;
  • improve the assimilation of the semantic structure of information;
  • mobilize the brain resources to solve the complex intellectual tasks;
  • increase the efficiency, energy and emotion.