Modafinil dosage in Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is the direct indication for the usage of Modafinil drug. Narcolepsy is the disease that affects human nervous system and gives ruse to sleep function disturbance.

Narcolepsy can manifest through one or several symptoms, depending on the disease’s development degree.

How Does Narcolepsy Show Up?

Suddenly appearing daytime sleepiness and paroxysms of sudden falling asleep in the daytime

Normally, this symptom is one of those that appear early. Sleepiness appears suddenly and the patient isn’t able to control these paroxysms. Thus, the person can fall asleep not just against their wishes, but even in an absolutely inappropriate environment.

This is specifically dangerous in case, when professional activity of the patient is associated with things that require advanced attention. Daytime falling asleep can repeat several times a day and their duration ranges from several seconds to a few minutes.

Sleepiness paroxysm begins with gradual speech deceleration, then the neck muscles get relaxed, and then follows complete shutdown of consciousness. However, the patient can manage to take a pose comfortable for sleeping, as a rule.

Even if the patient feels cheerfulness and burst of energy after awakening, sleepiness comes back a few hours later.


This is an affective muscle tone loss, a tone blockage, leading to the patient falling unconscious in pronounced cases.

Paroxysm of sudden weakness can appear, when the person experiences strong emotions of any kind, whether positive or negative.

Strong laughter, amazement, sexual intercourse, anger, crying, and other emotions can become a reason of a cataplexy paroxysm. The paroxysm can develop so fast that the patient can fall down and get an injury.

Duration of the cataplexy paroxysm ranges from a few seconds to several minutes. Then, the person can fall asleep.

Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations

Hypnagogic hallucinations appear during falling asleep, whereas hypnopompic hallucinations can appear during awakenings. They represent bright visions of an acoustic or visual nature, similar to dreams.

The person understands that they are not asleep yet, but starts seeing a dream. Hallucinations (visions) merge with the environment. The patient can start seeing people or fairy tale characters walking around the room. They can also hear voices, music, or see bright light flashes. As a rule, such visions are followed by fear and anxiety.

Sleep Numbness

After awakening, the narcolepsy patient can experience a condition of complete immobility, although remaining conscious. The person adequately appraises the situation, but is not able to move. They only have a possibility to blink and move their eyes.

Sleep numbness appears in the morning most often, after nighttime sleep, but can also appear in the evening or at night. In this condition, the patient feels very uncomfortable, because sleep numbness can be followed with hallucinations.

Paralysis paroxysm can last from a few seconds to several minutes and end up by gradual movement control acquiring.

Narcolepsy Treatment

Narcolepsy is a heavy disease, which prevents the patient to maintain active life rhythm and impedes their social adaptation. It is yet impossible to completely cure narcolepsy, but there are medicines that can prevent sleepiness paroxysms, helping the person maintain cheerfulness. Modafinil is exactly the medicine from this category.

Modafinil Dosage in Narcolepsy

Modafinil drug should be taken inside, perorally, not chewed, and washed down with the necessary amount of liquid.

Average Modafinil drug effect period is 8 hours. However, depending on individual organism specifications and metabolism turnaround, effect of Modafinil drug can last much less (about 6 hours) or longer (10 hours).

Daily Modafinil dosage in narcolepsy consists of 200 mg. It is better to divide Modafinil 200 mg on two portions. Modafinil tablet is taken one time a day – in the morning, to overcome uncontrolled sleepiness paroxysms.

The next Modafinil 100 mg dosage in narcolepsy is taken after lunch. In narcolepsy, it is not recommended to take Modafinil 100 mg in the evening, since an additional Modafinil dosage, even in narcolepsy, can affect the change of sleeping schedule and cause insomnia.

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