Usage and Contraindications

Modafinil is a nootropic used for the treatment of narcolepsy. Modafinil affects healthy people as an energetic, suppressing sleepiness and increasing working efficiency in periods, when there’s no time left to rest. But, not depending on the fact that Modafinil can be used by healthy people, it is a medicine and this means it possesses a number of usage contraindications.

Modafinil Usage Contraindications

  • Modafinil drug cannot be used by children or adolescents. Clinical trials of modafinil drug are being continued, and this is why there is no unequivocal information about the safety of modafinil drug employment in children;
  • Modafinil dosage can cause unwanted skin reactions, thus and so it is contraindicated in patients, who suffer allergies on medicines, especially modafinil;

Pregnancy and lactation. The effect on intrauterine fetus formation after taking modafinil and the question of modafinil dose release during lactation is still being studied. Therefore, pregnant and breastfeeding women should abstain from taking modafinil dose in any portions.

The use of modafinil drug should obligatory be coordinated with the doctor in case of presence of mental disorders. If a patient has a disposition to various phobias, taking modafinil dose might worsen the clinical course.

It is not recommended to take modafinil if any liver diseases are present, especially cirrhosis (a cicatricial shrinkage and deformation of the organ due to infectious diseases, intoxications, metabolism malfunctions, and other reasons).

Modafinil drug is contraindicated, when the patient has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (an autosomal dominant disease characterized by the ventricle wall thickening).

Taking modafinil drug is prohibited in patients that have the diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse (the disease followed by malfunction of the valve located between the left atrium and the ventricle).

If you suffer from any cardiovascular diseases, you should get a doctor consultation before starting to use Modafinil drug. Upon the exposure of kidney diseases, you might need to adjust your modafinil dose.

Modafinil abuse can lead to the appearance of modafinil side effects and even to overdose.

Modafinil drug has its own contraindications, same as any other medicine. Take a look at this article to learn about the conditions that don’t allow taking Modafinil to see if you are an eligible modafinil patient.